How UGLA ERP/CRM impressed at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon

23.11.2023 16:17

In the warm city of Lisbon at Web Summit 2023, our UGLA ERP/CRM impressed visitors with its solutions and potential. This year, the capital of Portugal hosted:

  • 70,236 participants from 153 countries worldwide;
  • 43% of participants were women, with 38% of speakers being women;
  • 2608 startups;
  • 906 investors;
  • Over 2100 media representatives.

Our team presented the innovative UGLA ERP/CRM solution, which streamlines business processes, enhances productivity, and improves the competitiveness of enterprises. We also introduced a Ukrainian tool for investors that ensures effective control over investment movements worldwide.

Participating in Web Summit was a significant step for us. We not only met with investors ready to use our tool, partners, and clients with whom we have already reached agreements, but also received positive feedback from participants who gave us confidence that we are heading in the right direction.

"You've done revolutionary work! UGLA is the innovation I've been waiting for," said a Ukrainian woman who has been developing her clothing brand in London for 10 years.

"How many people are working on the development of UGLA ERP/CRM?" asked Elizabeth, a representative of the British government. We replied that 15 people are working on it, and she sincerely marveled at our achievements in such a short period and with such a small team.

After a successful participation in Web Summit, we plan to enhance UGLA ERP/CRM, actively work on solutions for new industries, and enter new markets.

We are proud to have been part of Web Summit 2023 and had the opportunity to present our solutions. We look forward to new opportunities and challenges that the future will bring. Thanks to everyone who supported us at this event. We are ready for great achievements!

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