Ukrainian business software, ALL-IN-ONE instrument to manage ALL the aspects and activities of your company. UGLA is made today — for the better tomorrow.
"Everyone of us strives to change the world for better using high-tech ways. This mission has united like-minded people into UGLA team"
Iryna Aldakimova UGLA co-founder & CEO
UGLA — a step ahead Flexible safe company management instrument, accessible all over the world without any additional equipment
360° review All the company under your personal control
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication between all departments
  • Logistics, warehouse stock, goods
  • Marketing & sales
  • Pricing, finance
  • Customer care
  • HR management
SAFETY 100% reliability of data storage
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Constant development and updating
  • Impossibility of external interference
  • No risk of data loss
  • Storing data on secure cloud servers
SIMPLICITY & COMFORT Try the unique management experience!
  • ERP & CRM functions in one software system
  • Company key indicators and KPI's displaying in one window
  • Simple intuitive interface
  •  Widespread introduction of AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Individual customization for any kind of business
  • Access all over the world
  • Android & IOS application
Easy business management

UGLA benefits

We've created the better version of business process management. UGLA is a powerful flexible solution, easy to use.
Communications Due to mutual integration of CRM & ERP modules — building an effective communication between all the departments of the company
Analytics&reports Easy access to any indicators of company activities. Individually tuned reports
HR management Effective team management. For the manager: the full data base, docs circulation, financial results. For the employee: personal account with self-control instruments
Achieving goals UGLA is not just a software. It's an indispensable assistant, personal advisor and the main cause of your success


One-time payment for data transfer.

Access for 10 users ($30 access for each additional user).

Real-time 360° view of a company's activity, streamlining & optimizing business processes, online monitoring of financial results and main indicators.
Staff schedule, team management. Employees register, salary bills, vacations, sick leaves. Game-style staff learning. Employee's personal account
CV's register, automated opening and closing vacancies. Dismissed employees register. Intelligent reminder system
Planning activity of an enterprise considering existing resourses. Predicting sales & purchases, analysis and adjusting the results in real time.
Efficient purchase planning: order and price analysis. Transparent pricing system. Selection of profitability strategies with sales management instruments
Developed for retail branch. Transparent goods register. Unit duplication and falsification control. Opening of new product cards, product order
Price and order analysis, suppliers selection by product groups, conditions and price. Avoiding illiquid or expired products, selection of optimal assortment
Marketing, brand or products and services promotion tools. Automation of marketing activities. Reputation management. Personalization, client segmentation
All the range of analytical tools. Making reports ranged by locations, time, sales forecast. Automated forming of accounting reports
Easy and transparent inventory procedure: stocks control (NFC tags), avoiding duplication, transfering fixed assets, providing efficient logistics
Client communication automation and optimization. Card system of client register. Close integration with trading site. Personalized offers forming
Personal cabinet with access to product assortment and purchase registration, order execution control. Client support, electronic assistants
Setting an individual access according to special limits for each user segment (accounts for employees by department, clients, customers, investors)
Saving the communication history, automation of communication and works in CRM module, enhancing efficiency of client service
Customer data base systematization (B2C / B2B). Synchronization with all messengers, saving the whole communication chain.
Register of contract templates for any purposes. Automation of document circulation
Review and control the full cycle and all the stages of the project. Effective project planning considering factors of influence
Partners — about UGLA Ukrainian companies use ERP / CRM UGLA already — and achieve high results. Tomorrow it's better!
Olga Melnyk

I'm engaged in companies' business process automation and often have to face with impossibility of joining several software products for the result. So, to have the full picture you have to deal with several programs. For instance, HR module and accounting module are managed by different services, but these two processes are connected in terms of salary and motivation. Without getting into detail, I might say it's so inconvenient! I don't even mention mile-long .XLS tables. It's uniqueness is in the fact that all important KPIs for the company's activity control are in one place clear of all data from other software products. Intuitive interface doesn't take much time to learn. Fast updates are impressive. The program is able to self-learn, and this is the reason of success today.

Project Manager More details...
Marianna Savinkova

I'm forming sales departments and managing lead generation. CRM systems are critically important for me - they assist to build all the business processes and systematize the department work. Google Docs time is in the past, so to get the contract and to keep the client you have to analyze large amounts of data. What I like in UGLA?

Firstly - there's really ONE window with all the dashboards displaying the key indicators of client's lifecycle. This allows me not only tracking client's movement on each funnel stage, but analyzing work quality of all departments (call centre, marketing, direct sales, support, HR etc.). Special thanks for user friendly interface which is easy to explore with no additional learning.

Secondly - flexible relatively low-cost refinements and regular updates. UGLA team catches the wave of business, they know our pains, listen and hear us. This is their competitor advantage comparing with top CRM products available on the market.

Marketing block is set up in such a way to increase a number of loyal customers. Your managers have all the instruments and resourses (data bases, communication, client personalisation - all tools in one place).

Additional bonus is self learning due to data base analysis made by software product itself.

Head of Sales and Marketing More details...
Oleksandra Ostrozhna

It's obvious that UGLA was created and developed by someone who has huge experience in planning and strategic development, who has to deal with volume data and to see the smallest details in the process. It's so easy to intuitively understand how the program works. My module - as I'm an HR manager - is an ideal combination of functions. I'm so glad to work with UGLA! 🙂

There's super actual function for business owners - every process is seen and controlled online - wherever you are!

And of course you can't go anywhere without artificial intelligence - it's vital nowadays.

HR Manager More details...


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