UGLA ERP has joined the Defence Alliance of Ukraine

23.01.2024 18:51

UGLA ERP has joined the Defence Alliance of Ukraine, a newly established defense alliance aimed at developing and implementing strategies in the field of defense technologies.

The alliance was initiated by representatives of the defense sector and has already garnered support from the Minister of the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kamishin, and the representative of UARPA, UaRms, Strata22, Yevheniy Utkin.

The idea of creating a defense alliance was expressed during this year's under a panel discussion on building the national ecosystem of the defense-industrial complex. Within three months, a public association called the "Defence Alliance of Ukraine" was formed, with the goal of engaging all participants and experts in the sector for continuous growth, increased efficiency, and attracting investments to improve the functioning of the defense sector.

With the aim of enhancing Ukraine's defense-industrial complex by 2030 and in line with the key tasks of the defense alliance, including the development of a growth strategy, UGLA ERP has joined the alliance, which has already brought together over 20 participants from various defense sectors.

It is an honor for us to contribute to the building of the national ecosystem of Ukraine's defense-industrial complex. Our team has been working for many years to enable every Ukrainian business to thrive through UGLA ERP software, contributing to the improvement of our country's economy.

Now, we can contribute in another field, and it is inspiring! By joining forces with our colleagues, we will enhance efficiency and improve the functioning of the sector.

The Defence Alliance of Ukraine invites other defense companies to join efforts for growth, exchange of expertise, and the creation of effective development strategies for the defense sector. Let us grow together, strengthening the potential of the Ukrainian defense industry.

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