Turnkey solutions on a single UGLA platform for all the departments and services assist to manage company activities and full cycle of client relationships
Planning Short-term and long-term planning of all the aspects of company activity
Mutual integration Functions of resourse management and client management in a single interface
Data safety Hourly back-up and cloud-based data storage
Simplicity & comfort Maximum User Friendly Interface, 24/7 support, individual settings and customization
UGLA is a new generation complex ERP/CRM system, easy and comfortable, able to set an effective communication between company departments and clients, freeing up time for more important matters. UGLA builds robust technological bridge between company and clients. We created UGLA as 100% Ukrainian product, accessible to all, flexible and easily adjustable for any business.
Iryna Aldakymova UGLA CEO & Cofounder
UGLA team UGLA has united people eager to change the world for better with technologies. Each of us is a bright talented mind and experienced specialist
Irina Aldakymova CEO, more than 20 years in pharmaceutical retail, digitalization of business processes.
Mykhailo Kushnir СTO, Development of ERP systems, work in companies in France, USA, Israel.
Inna Kovalchuk Marketing partner, MBA level.
Evgenia Aldakymova Advisor of the сonstruction industry, financial manager.
Kateryna Yesipchuk Advisor of the сonstruction industry.
Olga Saiko Advisor of the pharmaceutical industry.
Vira Bondarenko Marketer
Min An Nhuien Team Lead, PHP Engineer
Vlad Sahar Senior Technical Officer
Andriy Onoprienko Team Lead, PHP Engineer
Ihor Syniepolskyi PHP Engineer
Iryna Permyakova UI/UX Designer
Sofia Borodenko Junior PHP Engineer
Andreev Andriy PHP Engineer
Tokarenko Matvii Junior PHP Engineer
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