Business that generates real value for everyone. UGLA offers solution for construction companies and commercial & private property operators.
Real estate challenges
Business environment changes every day. Be ready to react effectively!
Price increase of building materials & logistics UGLA assists in fast analysis and сost, margin, revenue calculation on the planning stage.
Destruction of supply chains Optimizing of existing and setting up the new supply chains is one of UGLA tasks. Moreover, visualization of all chains for each project in one window.
Own assets shortage Optimize your expences and develop own projects according to new conditions. Establish trusting relations with investors using сonstruction process control function.
Requirements & standards changes UGLA enables fast implementation of new standards into existing projects. Don't loose time and resourses for new requirements analysis and introduction.
UGLA modules to develop your business Streamline the processes. Optimize expences. Increase asset value.
DASHBOARD With dashboard system you have real-time 360° view of a company's activity, streamline & optimize business processes, online control financial results and all the indicators. Moreover, due to the intelligent reminder system you'll be able to react fastly on any changes.
PLANNING MODULE Plan the activity of your enterprise considering existing resourses. Manage them, direct the resourses to relevant needs. Predict sales & purchases, analyze and adjust the results in real time. Manage teams, departments and even separate employees to reach the target. This UGLA module is developed with wide application of AI.
STAFF MODULE Manage your personnel easily! Forming staff schedule, team & department management. Employees register, salary bills, vacations, sick leaves. Game-style staff learning. Employee's personal account with self-control instruments and individual KPI's.
DOCUMENT FLOW MODULE Conclude agreements with any contractors! For your convenience there's a register of contract templates for any purposes - material supply, equipment rent, contracting agreements, сontract of sale, property rent, etc.
COMMERCAIL MODULE Efficient purchase planning: order and price analysis. Selection of suppliers by product groups, delivery conditions, prices. Transparent pricing system with wide application of artificial intelligence (automated calculation by existing cost and margin indiators, etc.); forming discount offers depending on demand, season, location, other factors. Selection of profitability strategies with sales management instruments for the best result.
ANALYTICS & REPORT MODULE All the range of analytical tools including ABS analysis by product, suppliers, employees etc. Create reports ranging by locations, time, sales forecast. Automated forming of accounting reports is also available.
INDIVIDUAL ACCESS Set access rights to all the modules individually. Role setting allows to grant an access according to individual limits for each user segment (personal accounts for employees by department, clients, customers, investors).
MARKETING MODULE Efficient marketing, brand or products and services promotion tools. Automation of numerous marketing activities (mass emails and sms, advertising campaigns). Personalization, client segmentation; location client portrait. Reputation management module. Using AI functions for co-brand offers. Close integration with pricing and discount offers module in terms of efficient promotion.
CALL CENTER Client communication automation and optimization. Card system of client register with important data, identification tools during incoming calls and other contacts. Close integration with trading site (marketplace, internet shop). Personalized offers forming. Personal account with order execution control tools.
INTERNAL CHAT Built-in chat is part of the app, not a third-party service, so that means company information is confidential, stored on the same servers as all data, and protected 24/7. For effective work on projects, video calls, group creation, comfortable messaging and the ability to share the screen during a conference call are available. Schedule calls directly in the UGLA calendar, communicate with colleagues simply in the program chat and do not lose important messages in third-party applications.
PROJECT MODULE Review and control the full cycle and all the stages of the project - from the commercial offer to the final stage (commissioning). Transparent document flow of the project (contracts, bills, acts etc.); results and resourses control. The Gantt chart building, effective project planning considering factors of influence (season change, weather etc). Photo- and video recording of all the project stages.
CONTRACTORS MODULE The module allows you to record relationships with suppliers, contractors, and customers. Update the status and location of orders from suppliers in real time. Your counterparties can easily and quickly provide you with up-to-date information on any device through tokens (links) sent to them via messengers, e-mail, or other communication channels. The contractor opens the link on the phone or computer and edits the price. When saving, the new information enters UGLA and is displayed in the project. Supplier rating - the trust index is formed on the basis of the supplier's fulfillment of the conditions approved in the contract, such as, for example, terms of product delivery, complaints, etc.
360⁰ review All the business at a glance with UGLA! Dashboard system enables you to get an information about the activity of the whole company or separate department or even employee - online, wherever you are, with any device! Form any analytics, any reports easily. Increase operational effectiveness. Be a step ahead the competitors due to ERP / CRM UGLA system!
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