Franchise Management in the restaurant Industry

17.01.2024 15:16

UGLA announces the implementation of a franchise management module in its ERP system for the restaurant business sector. The new functionality is designed to optimize and automate managerial business processes within franchise networks, providing enterprises with effective tools for development, quality management, and increased profitability.

Key advantages of the solution:

Reduction of Human Factor Risks through Automation

Franchising is primarily about standards. All establishments under a single brand must adhere to the same norms. This means that the coffee you buy in a franchise-operated café in Warsaw should be identical to the coffee in Kiev. Achieving this requires clearly defined network operation standards, from customer greetings to choosing coffee suppliers for the franchise. At each stage, there are risks associated with the human factor that can affect the network's reputation.

Automation of business processes helps reduce the impact of human factors on network operations, making staff work more standardized, increasing the efficiency and stability of franchise business processes.

Management of International Offices/Locations

When your franchise expands internationally, additional complexities arise. ERP solutions work with different currencies, languages (adapted to the legislation of different countries), and even take into account the weather conditions of a particular country. It allows you to view all information in real-time.

Centralized Control

Juggling multiple programs and manually transferring documents can significantly reduce productivity. The solution to this problem is a single program that ensures 100% data transparency. For comprehensive analysis, you can view real-time dashboards for individual networks or consolidate all locations. Instead of being overwhelmed with data from all franchise locations, find complete performance information on dashboards filtered to key performance indicators that matter to you. You can also customize your dashboard to display consolidated data for all locations or separately in a specific country or only one establishment.

Updates in Different Locations

When you introduce something new, be it a product or a promotion in your franchise locations, you need to communicate the details and ensure that the product or sale price is properly integrated into the system. With cloud ERP solutions, you can easily implement changes system-wide or select specific locations.

Automatic Royalty Invoicing

As your business expands, royalty invoicing becomes a labor-intensive process. Incorrect royalty calculation or delayed payments can lead to strained relationships between you and your franchisees. Modern ERP systems have automatic royalty invoicing, allowing you to track receipts. And your franchisees can receive reminders about payments or even set up auto-debit for royalties.

Real-Time Financial Management

As the number of your franchise branches increases, the complexity of accurate end-of-month reporting grows. Modern franchise management software provides real-time reporting and completely eliminates the need for manual monthly Excel reports. Instead, you have real-time data to immediately address operational or financial errors.

Inventory Management

Enhanced ERP solutions allow you to control minimum and maximum inventory levels, automate replenishment, and centralize all inventory levels in real-time in one system that franchise managers can access. Optimizing inventory levels and reducing waste can significantly increase profitability.

The UGLA ERP team is confident that the new module will contribute to the expansion and strengthening of positions in the restaurant industry, providing advanced tools for successful franchise management.

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