Signing documents in UGLA using Diia.Signature.

17.01.2024 16:28

Now, UGLA ERP users have the ability to make electronic signatures. Individuals can use Diia.Signature, while legal entities can use the Electronic Signature Key (ESK).

This solution makes the document signing process even more convenient and secure, ensuring quick and efficient management of electronic documents without the need to exit the program. Both individuals and legal entities can easily and securely sign documents directly in UGLA ERP using electronic signature technologies.

Imagine you are the owner of a company using UGLA ERP to manage your business processes. You collaborate with various clients, partners, and suppliers, often needing to exchange important documents such as contracts or agreements.

Suppose you need to sign a new contract with a supplier or an agreement with a client.

Instead of physically signing documents or using external tools for electronic signatures and storing already signed documents, you can take advantage of the new feature in UGLA ERP.

Here's how it works:

  1. Document Upload: Log in to your UGLA ERP account. Select the document you need to sign directly within the system.
  2. Send the Document to the Counterparty: Using a token (link), your counterparty will receive the document signed by you and can choose the necessary signing method: Diia.Signature for individuals or Electronic Signature Key (ESK) for legal entities.
  3. Automatic System Storage: After successfully signing the document, it is automatically stored in UGLA ERP and associated with the respective counterparty or client.
  4. Efficient Document Management: You can easily track and manage all signed documents without leaving the program, ensuring fast and secure information exchange with partners.

This feature streamlines business processes, facilitates document exchange, and allows for secure storage of all necessary documents in electronic format. Instead of storing documents on a computer, uploading them to various signing programs, and then downloading and printing, now you just need to select the document in UGLA ERP, sign it, and it will automatically be stored in the program, linked to the relevant counterparty.

The UGLA ERP team continually improves its solutions in line with the latest technological standards.

Diia.Signature is a qualified electronic signature for individuals that can be used for signing documents, service requests in the Diia app, and on the Diia portal, as well as for authorization in Diia partner applications and websites. This signature can be activated in Diia in 1 minute, requiring an ID card, passport, or residence permit for the app. Choose Menu — Diia.Signature — Activate Diia.Signature — and undergo a photo verification. That's it; now you can use Diia.Signature.

The Electronic Signature Key (ESK) is a cloud-based electronic signature for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, used for signing documents, including declarations.

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