UGLA ERP/CRM software solution for the construction industry

05.05.2023 13:36

Finally, we can officially announce that the UGLA ERP/CRM software solution for construction is launched!

Our team adapted the program taking into account the specifics of the construction industry, because after the victory of Ukraine, the key challenge for the state and business will be the large-scale reconstruction and restoration of Ukraine.

We see one of the tasks of UGLA ERP/CRM to help construction companies of Ukraine plan and competently manage the company's resources, keep records and analyze the company's business processes in real time.

Ready-made solutions on a single platform for all departments and services (sales and service departments, marketing, logistics, procurement departments, HR service, etc.) help manage the company's activities and the full cycle of client management.

We optimized those functions, the automation of which seemed impossible until recently - both from the point of view of business and the level of technological development.

Overview of solutions for the construction industry

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