The author's educational and practical course was created by KNUBA and UGLA ERP/CRM

25.10.2023 11:32

This past Saturday, a meeting was held with the master's students of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA). In this academic year, they will embark on an original educational and practical course led by Oleksandr Dubinka, an associate professor of the Department of Construction Organization and Management, and a candidate of technical sciences. This course is titled "Modern National Digital Project Management with UGLA ERP/CRM."

For the students, this is a crucial experience as it allows them to acquire practical skills in working with contemporary tools that they can apply in their future careers in construction and architecture. This course will help prepare students for the challenges in the field of construction.

The digital transformation of the industry is an inevitable process as it represents our future. Rebuilding Ukraine and tracking investments are integral parts of this future, and modern professionals should embrace these challenges using up-to-date Ukrainian software.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive certificates that confirm their skills and knowledge and will have real-world experience working with modern software.

Overall, this course is beneficial for both students and the construction and architecture industry in Ukraine. It contributes to the training of qualified professionals and promotes the digital transformation of the industry.

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