Integration with payment service Fondy

09.10.2023 15:07
+1 Ukrainian service in the UGLA ecosystem!
And this is the international payment service Fondy
Now, all payments in UGLA will be as comfortable and convenient as possible! Not only for companies but also for your customers .
With Fondy, companies can:
- accept payments in 150+ currencies from 200+ countries of the world
- accept payments by all modern payment methods
- see detailed payment analytics
- adapt the payment page to improve the user experience
- use the free PRRO for the visualization of payments
- connect a mobile terminal to accept offline payments
- to have a single acquiring partner for all processes related to payments
- count on a live support service that is always ready to help
And your customers will receive many benefits:
- possibility to conveniently pay for goods or services
- the possibility of a payment in 1 click for repeated payments
- confidence in data security
- instant money transfers
How Fondy is integrated with UGLA ERP/CRM

On the Fondy portal, you need to get a Merchant Id and a secret key in the merchant settings

Paste the copied Merchant Id and secret key into your UGLA personal account.

To do this, go to UGLA, on the sidebar on the left, choose:

  • Settings
  • Structure
  • Entities
  • Integration tab
  • Select the required legal entity

Tab - Type of payment

Type - Fondy

Name - specify any name

Bank account - is chosen from the accounts of the legal entity.

Merchant ID - Merchant Id from the Fondy portal

The secret key is from the Fondy portal



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